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Click here for an online copy of Living Faith

Living Faith - A Statement of Christian Belief - A 12 part study beginning January 15th, 2024.

What do we believe about God? About Jesus? About the Holy Spirit? About the Bible? How does faith work? And what about doubt? What is happening in communion and baptism? What does the church teach about family, marriage and love?

The Presbyterian Church seeks to answer these questions through a very helpful "little green book" called Living Faith - A Statement of Christian Belief. In ten brief sections, these and other important topics are addressed.

Our study will go through these questions with Living Faith as our guide. We will look at Scriptures which provide the foundation for our beliefs.

Living Faith has been adopted as a useful guide by many other denominations, so this study will benefit any and all who seek a Scriptural basis for their faith.

A great study for those interested in the faith, new to faith, or the more experienced.

Come and be a part of this fun, interesting, challenging, and inspiring study. All are welcome! No experience needed! Fellowship time with tea, coffee, and snack beforehand!