The Parable of the Guests and the Host: Video and Activities


Gather with you family to explore the Parable of the Guests and the Host together!


Dear God, thank you for setting a table and inviting us to come. May we always work to be sure that all God’s people have a rightful place at your table together. Let us seek to gather in ways that give us a small taste of heaven here and now. Amen. -Emily Slichter Given, Building Faith Brick by Brick II

Respond to the Story:

Enjoy a banquet together! What kinds of foods would you enjoy eating at a banquet? Put together a tray of fruits, vegetables, cheeses and dips to enjoy together while asking wondering questions.

Wondering Questions:

I wonder why the Pharisees invited Jesus to their banquet?
I wonder how the host of the banquet responded to Jesus’ parable?
I wonder how Jesus felt when the Pharisees were watching everything he did?
I wonder if you have helped host a banquet?
I wonder if you have ever felt like you didn’t belong?
I wonder who is missing at our table?
I wonder who you would like to invite to your own banquet?
I wonder if you know someone who really needs to be invited to the banquet?