The Parable of the Farmer: Video and Activities


Gather with your family to explore the Parable of the Farmer together!


“Dear Jesus, open our ears and hearts. We want to hear your words and have them grow in our hearts. Amen.” –God’s Big Story Cards

Respond to the Story:

Check out The Sower #116 from the God’s Big Story Card deck, “Pop some popcorn (you’ll find some in your Summer 2020 box!). Count the remaining kernels and wonder why some didn’t pop. Is it disappointing when when there are many kernels that didn’t pop? What does that say to you about this story?”

Wondering Questions:

  • I wonder if you have ever helped plant a garden?
  • I wonder what it feels like to be surrounded by thorns?
  • I wonder if you find it difficult to listen sometimes?
  • Jesus’ first word in this story is ‘Listen’. I wonder why?
  • I wonder why the sower planted seeds in different types of soils?
  • I wonder why some plants produced more fruit/crop than others?


For more ideas and activities, check out God’s Big Story Card #116!