The Parable of the Banquet: Video and Activities


Gather with your family to explore the Parable of the Banquet together!


Dear God, thank you for inviting us to your banquet. Help us to be like you. Help us welcome those who are poor, disabled, lame and blind into our homes and lives.

Respond to the Story:

Using LEGO, play dough or some craft supplies, create your own banquet! What kinds of foods would want to include in your banquet? How many guests would you invite?

Wondering Questions:

  • I wonder if you’ve ever hosted a banquet or party before?
  • I wonder if someone you invited decided not to come?
  • I wonder how it feels to have someone refuse your invitation?
  • I wonder if you’ve refused someone else’s invitation?
  • I wonder if you’ve ever received an invitation to a party? 
  • I wonder what God’s banquet will be like?