Sunday School

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Check out our collection of Illustrated Ministry Colouring and Activity Pages!

Invite your children to watch the Sunday Service with you!  Many children find it easier to listen and follow allow, if they are able to colour.  The more senses involved, the more likely they’ll be able to participate.  Click on the photo below to find our collection of Illustrated Ministry colouring and activity sheets.

Our Favourite Playdough recipe:

Teacher Tom’s Very Special Playdough Recipe

This is the recipe for one small batch. We quadruple it for classroom use. 
1-cup flour
1/2-cup salt
2-teaspoons cream of tarter
1-cup water
1-Tablespoon cooking oil
food coloring (optional)
scent (optional, but recommended)

Put everything in a pot and cook over medium heat, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon. You’re looking for the dough to start separating from the sides of the pan (the time this takes depends on how big your batch is). I’ve found that the smoothest results come from stopping when it still seems like it’ll be a little too sticky. Remove and let cool for a bit on wax paper. Add color and knead to distribute color. I always add a scent (e.g., mint, wintergreen, clove, strawberry, etc.) to keep it smelling fresh.

Looking for ways to encourage faith formation at home?

Faith Formation Ministries:

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Wondering how to talk with your children about scary news like COVID-19?

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Sally Lloyd Jones, author of The Jesus Storybook Bible has some helpful suggestions:

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