Summer 2020: Family Faith Formation at Home

Summer on Prince Edward Island will look a little different this year. Some families suddenly have a lot more time to spend together while other families are feeling busier than ever. Whatever your summer looks like, we challenge you to be intentional about forming faith at home this summer.

A few weeks ago, Karen DeBoer, the Creative Resource Developer for Faith Formation Ministries, shared a Summer Faith Formation at Home Box idea that we love! Using Karen’s suggestions, we’ve sent a Summer 2020 Family Faith Formation Box to registered families who have a child in grades 1-5. These boxes contain a variety of items that you can use to engage in faith formation at home.

Each box includes the following letter:

Dear Family,

This summer you have a wonderful opportunity to be more intentional about forming faith at home without the pressure of having places to be and things that need doing. We hope these items help your family grow in faith as you talk together, laugh together, and meet challenges together. Here’s how you might use them:   

  • Use the Everyday Family Faith devotional and God’s Big Story Cards to build some great new faith habits.
  • Select a strip from the jar each day and do that thing. Let your kids come up with ideas and add them to the jar too!
  • Eat the snack (kitkats, popcorn and icecream cones) while talking about a Bible story. Use the “5 Ways to Wonder with Kids” ideas located in the box lid to guide your conversation. 
  • Record little notes about the day together in the notebook: the highs, the lows, your prayers (and God’s answers!), where you saw God today, a verse you’re learning, etc. 
  • Use the playdough to shape (and guess!) something God made.
  • Take turns blowing bubbles while saying silent prayers.
  • Turn the box into a Summer 2020 Memory Box by adding things to it that serve as reminders of the experiences you have together. A feather found on a walk, a painted rock, the score sheet from the game you played, pictures you drew, the family journal you kept, etc. In the future you’ll be able to take out that box and review the contents while remembering God’s faithfulness to you during this time. 
  • Colour and Decorate your Summer 2020 Memory Box to make it your own!

Remember, God’s got this! And we’re here for you too. 


God’s Big Family at Zion Presbyterian Church

Blowing bubbles while praying for loved ones!

Faith formation happens in the small moments of everyday. Its a great excuse to spend time together eating ice cream, blowing bubbles and playing while reflecting on how, we too, are part of God’s Big Story.

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