Hear the Good News

“Hear the Good News” is a project initiated and published by the Session of Zion Presbyterian Church with a goal in mind of sharing the best ideas our Synod member churches have to offer. By ‘Good News’, we mean special services, fellowship events, fundraising projects and such that have worked well for any of these congregations. We felt that every congregation had at least one unique and successful event that was worthy of sharing with our brothers and sisters within the Atlantic Synod.

We were inspired to create this project as a result of the overwhelming response we received from congregations across the country when our Memorial Angel Service (page 10), was featured in the Presbyterian Connection newspaper. Thanks to that sharing of a single idea, many congregations in the PCC have adopted this service with great success.

We are delighted to report that we have now completed the collection, formatting, printing and sharing of all this valuable information to every Presbyterian Church in the Atlantic Synod. Through this publication we believe that things which have worked in one part of our Synod can now be adapted and tried elsewhere with shared success. We are hopeful that other Synods and perhaps the national church itself may seize the opportunity to do likewise and gain the mutual benefits that can be earned through congregational sharing.

The dissemination of great ideas is a wonderful way for us all to enhance our Ministry, our Outreach and even our fundraising & fellowship efforts. We thank those Ministers, Clerks and volunteers who took time from their busy schedules to share one or two events that have been special for their congregation.

It is our prayer that the sharing of these great ideas will help strengthen us as a denomination as we learn from the success of others.

John Barrett
Clerk of Session
Zion Presbyterian Church