Reading and Prayer – November 27

Saturday – Psalm 119:49-56

49 Remember your promise to me;
    it is my only hope.
50 Your promise revives me;
    it comforts me in all my troubles.
51 The proud hold me in utter contempt,
    but I do not turn away from your instructions.
52 I meditate on your age-old regulations;
    O Lord, they comfort me.
53 I become furious with the wicked,
    because they reject your instructions.
54 Your decrees have been the theme of my songs
    wherever I have lived.
55 I reflect at night on who you are, O Lord;
    therefore, I obey your instructions.
56 This is how I spend my life:
    obeying your commandments.

Faithful Father,

We thank you that you will never forget us. Your promises are true, and they can never be broken. We experience a lot of things that trouble us. Sickness, rejection, confusion, and loss. Thank you that you don’t tell us these things don’t matter. Thank you that you comfort us, and are with us even in the darkest places.

Help us to be indignant about the hurt and pain in the world. Help us to be upset by it, and let that encourage us to do something about it. We know that you will make all things new one day. And we also know that you have invited us to join with you in ushering in the time when our prayer that “your kingdom come and your will be done” will be answered.

Thank you that you invite us to be an answer to prayer, and that our lives can help bring heaven to earth. You have given us the gift of being a part of what you are doing, and your word and commands help us to see the way this is done. 

Thank you for your love and closeness to us. Help us to spend our lives serving you.


-Will Henbest