Reading and Prayer – November 26

Friday – Psalm 119:40-48

41 Lord, give me your unfailing love,
    the salvation that you promised me.
42 Then I can answer those who taunt me,
    for I trust in your word.
43 Do not snatch your word of truth from me,
    for your regulations are my only hope.
44 I will keep on obeying your instructions
    forever and ever.
45 I will walk in freedom,
    for I have devoted myself to your commandments.
46 I will speak to kings about your laws,
    and I will not be ashamed.
47 How I delight in your commands!
    How I love them!
48 I honor and love your commands.
    I meditate on your decrees.


Loving Saviour,

Give us a tangible reminder of your love and the way that you have saved us. We can be discouraged and dragged down by people and a culture that often look at us and think that our faith is worthless. Thank you that you are always with us, no matter what we face. And help us to remember you when we feel that you are far away.

Help us to be faithful to you even when it is difficult. Even when it seems that we would do better to deny you, help us to see what is really true. We want to follow you wherever you call us to go, and to recognise that this call will change the way that we live.

You have given us commands because you love us and you want us to know the way of living that leads to real joy. You don’t want us to be hurt and disappointed—you want us to delight in you and honour you. Thank you that your word is so good to remind me of this!


-Will Henbest