Reading and Prayer – July 4

Reading: 1 Timothy 2:1-6 (J.B. Phillips)

Here then is my charge: First, supplications, prayers, intercessions and thanksgivings should be made on behalf of all people: for kings and rulers in positions of responsibility, so that our common life may be lived in peace and quiet, with a proper sense of God and of our responsibility to him for what we do with our lives.

In the sight of God our Saviour this is undoubtedly the right thing to pray for; for his purpose is that all people should be saved and come to realise the truth. And that is, that there is only one God, and only one intermediary between God and humanity, Jesus Christ the man. He gave himself as a ransom for us all—an act of redemption which happened once, but which stands for all times as a witness to what he is.


Lord God, we thank you for this wonderful country we call home, and the people who make it so.

We thank you and pray for the many people whose efforts make our lives rich and full.

Father, we bring before you our nation and its leaders; 

Our freedoms and responsibilities as citizens, and to our neighbours near and far.

Father, we pray for all levels of government in our land – civic, provincial, national.

We pray for integrity in our leaders, that they may serve all people honestly and well.

We pray for a renewed commitment among our politicians to lead with dignity and good purpose, that the cynicism which mars our view of our political processes might be replaced by a restored appreciation for productive work, bipartisanship, and selfless service on behalf of all. 

May Canada be to all nations an exemplar of peaceful cooperation, a land where Christian virtues are treasured rather than scorned, a land where care and compassion are valued more highly inflammatory rhetoric and unmitigated greed.

 May our rights and freedoms, so dearly won, be marked with new appreciation and determination to extend those blessings and freedoms to all. And may we be as determined to live up to our obligations and responsibilities, as we are to enjoy our freedoms and rights. 

And for the myriad others who together make up a community, a country, a society, who make Canada the land it is, we pray for, and give you thanks and praise.

Lord God, there are so many who do not know the many blessings 

for which we give thanks; so many even within our own land.

There are so many uncertain of a next meal, of clean water.

There are so many unable to afford the many and even most basic necessities of life.

There are so many living rough, with no bed in which to rest, no comfort of home.

There are so many living in constant fear of violence and turmoil.

There are so many who are ill, for whom there is no hospice, no medicine, no comfort, no cure.

There are so many forever excluded from a caring community, from security and hope.

There are so many who have been excluded from many of the blessings the rest of us enjoy, who feel betrayed by promises unfulfilled, by prejudice, by racism, by neglect.

For these, and for so many others, we pray.  

Inspire us to live our faith in such a way that we are a blessing to our community, our country, our world.

And we pray for ourselves, that, led by your Spirit, 

we might work together to redress the wrongs in our society and our world;

that all might have the assurance of dignity and hope for the future, for themselves and their children.

that Canada might be for all its people forever glorious and free

Hear our silent prayers…

Hear our prayer, and cause us to hear ourselves as we pray; inspire and strengthen us to answer, Lord our God. Amen.