Our Story

“May the Lord, Maker of Heaven and Earth, Bless You From Zion!  (Psalm 134:3)

Our congregation was established over 170 years ago.  We have been enjoying our present location and sanctuary since 1913. Our next century of praise and worship, service and mission is underway!

As you enter Zion, you are immediately greeted by our wonderful stained glass windows. The morning sun illuminates our south wall Memorial Window, a breathtaking and colourful tribute to those who served both their country and their church.

Zion is a joy to visit, and a welcoming place for worship! The soaring wooden ceiling, balcony, pews and choir loft add an intimacy and warmth surprising in a building so large.  Comfortably seating over 700, the sanctuary is often filled with the glorious music of our two-manual Casavant pipe organ.  Worship services are friendly, vibrant, timely and inspiring.

Our Worship Services

Currently, we are operating under Covid-19 restrictions and protocol – go to our main page to register for a service!

 Children and Youth

Children or all ages are always welcome at Zion. Every service has a children’s story, to make all our children feel included and welcome.

  “To Know Christ And To Make Him Known”

A community of faith which represents all ages, Zion is composed of people from many backgrounds, united in our desire to grow closer to God, to support one another, and to make a difference in our lives and our world in the name of Jesus Christ.

 Zion is part of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, a denomination within the World Alliance of Reformed Churches and a member of both the Canadian and World Council of Churches. We enjoy our relationships of cooperation and interchurch mission and outreach with our surrounding churches of many denominations.

“Presbyterian” is an ancient word meaning “Elders.” The Presbyterian Church in Canada is so named because it is governed by Elders – that is, those women and men of all ages elected by the congregation to exercise the gifts and responsibilities of Pastoral Care, Oversight and Direction.

Our Mission – Come make a difference with us!

It is our Mission to Know Christ, and to Make Christ Known!  There are many ways in which our congregation is involved in active service and outreach, to make a difference in the name of Jesus.

Locally, we participate in the Upper Room Food Ministry, with congregational teams preparing wonderful, nutritious meals for the needy in our community.

Provincially, we support Camp Keir, our Summer Camping outreach to children and teens.  Beautifully located in Canoe Cove, many young people find comfort, encouragement, friendship, and new life in Christ through time at Camp.

Nationally and internationally, we are very active in hunger relief through the Canadian FoodGrains Bank.  Working with local farmers, landowners and suppliers, we sponsor projects which make a tremendous impact.  Thanks to the generosity of our congregation, the hard work of farmers, and matching funding, this year our goal is to provide food for 500 people for an entire year!

Join Us For Sunday Worship at 10:30am on Sunday mornings.

Visiting children are very welcome year-round

Family Quiet Room Available at All Services

All Are Welcome!

We are located at the corner of Prince and Grafton Streets