Zion Presbyterian Church participates in three major Mission projects, in addition to several smaller local outreach efforts. Our congregation receives great blessing as we seek to reach out and make a difference in the name of Jesus Christ.

Upper Room Food Ministry
The Upper Room Food Ministry, begun just a few years ago, is now an indispensible part of our outreach. Providing a full-service hot meal every month to Charlottetown’s needy, the Upper Room Food Ministry is as much a blessing to the organisers, cooks, clean-up crew and servers as it is to the grateful recipients.
Your donations to the Zion Missions Fund provide the approximately $200 of raw ingredients which go into the 75 or so delicious and nutritious meals, every month. Regulations mean that all food has to be prepared fresh and on-site, and our volunteers to a great job shopping for, preparing, and seasoning the meals with love. And our special Christmas dinners are accompanied with Carol singing and the distribution of lovingly crafted mitts and hats.
If you would like to experience more of what it means to serve God through serving others, be sure to speak with Nancy Sanders about volunteering for a monthly meal. You’ll catch the spirit of the work, and find yourself hungry for more!

Camp Keir
Camp Keir has been a blessing to generations of Island children and young people, from its early days in French River to its current location in beautiful Canoe Cove. Some of the current campers are children – and grandchildren! – of Camp Keir alumni. As great a blessing as the Camp has been in the past, the greatest days are still ahead – if we catch a vision of Camp Keir as an integral part of each congregation’s Mission Outreach and Christian Education programme. Zion is looking to lead the way in our Presbytery in this regard.

Sunday School and Youth Group work together to raise up the future generation of our church – a generation that is already among us. But Sunday School and Youth Group can’t do it all. And that’s where Camp Keir comes in.

While Sunday School is foundational, and while Youth Group builds and sustains a young, faithful community of mutual support, Camp is often the setting where children and young people encounter a different level of Christian commitment and faith. Often times, Camp Keir is the place where our children or young people first make a conscious commitment to follow Christ.

All of us want the best for our children and young people. All of us want our children and youth to grow and continue in the faith. All of us want the next generation to be committed to following Christ. The combination of foundational Sunday School, supportive Youth Ministry and challenging, transformational Church Camping is the most effective way to ensure this happens. Your support of Camp Keir through our monthly contributions of $250 (matched in 2011 by Synod!), made possible through your generosity to our Missions Fund, and the participation of our children and youth, will have a profound impact on the life of our church, now and in generations to come, as together we catch a vision of Camp Keir as an integral part of Zion’s Mission Outreach and Christian Education programme.

Canadian FoodGrains Bank
In 2015, Zion was involved in the funding, preparation, planting, oversight, and harvesting of over 70 acres of soybean crops on Prince Edward Island. Additional to the revenues generated by those projects, we were able to send $20,000 to the Canadian FoodGrains Bank for emergency famine relief. This quite literally saved thousands of lives, of people who otherwise would have tragically starved to death.

The Canadian FoodGrains Bank is a partnership of Canadian church-based agencies working to end hunger in developing countries by increasing and deepening the involvement of Canadians in efforts to end hunger. It is a tremendously effective way to provide food for the hungry, and to see our gifts marvellously multiplied. Our congregation is excited to play a part!

How Does It Work?
Farmers and landowners make fields available for planting.
Donations to CFGB (from congregations like ours!) pays for the preparation, seed, planting and harvest of the crop.
The money from the sale of the crop – including the profit! – is matched 4-1 by Global Affairs Canada (the new Federal ministry overseeing Canada’s international response and funding to the relief and development sector)
These 4-1 funds are then used to purchase food for the hungry
Distribution is handled mostly by local church organizations at no additional cost
Seed, wells, equipment and expertise are also provided for farming in hungry nations

This year, we are already looking forward to a great fundraising concert, and increased participation from landowners, farmers, corporate sponsors, and you!

God bless you for your generous support of our Missions Programs. The Missions Committee would also welcome those who would share their time, energy and enthusiasm for Mission with us through participation in our Projects and our Committee. Please prayerfully consider how you can be a part of this exciting work. We would love to have you with us, as together we seek to make a difference in the name of Jesus Christ, coming to Know Christ and to Make Him Known!