Bible Studies

Bible Studies

There are many great options for Bible Study at Zion – which one is best for you?

Beginning Sept 12 – Tuesdays, 10:30 am – Ladies’ Ecumenical Bible Study – in the Zion Church Lounge

Beginning Sept. 13 – Wednesdays, 7-830 pm – “The Five Solas” (see details below) – in the Coles Hall (Zion Lower Level)

Beginning Later Sept – Tuesdays, 7:30 pm – At the home of Dorothy Taylor

Here are a couple of web links for the above Genesis study:

Genesis, A Video Study:

For additional  perspectives on the harmony between science and biblical faith we will be using the DVD – From The Dust: Conversations in Creation. For more on this video and many other excellent resources on faith and science, go to:


And Beginning Wednesday, September 13, 7 pm:

Click here for The Five Solas Study Outline and Information!

Handouts – Click for a PDF of the Session handouts

Five Solas Session One

Five Solas Session Two  – In Session Two, we begin watching the 2003 film, “Luther,” starring Joseph Fiennes. To keep up with where we are in the study, watch the first 20 minutes as part of Session Two.

Five Solas Session Three

Five Solas Session Four

Five Solas Session Five

Five Solas Session Six

Five Solas Session Seven

Five Solas Session Nine