Zion’s Fall introductory Alpha evening for everyone interested in attending Alpha will be held on Monday, September 10, at 6:30pm. Come along and check things out! Supper will be provided!

On Tuesday, September 4, at 6:00 pm, Zion will be hosting a Regional Open Alpha Training Session. Alpha teams across the Island are invited. This will be our training for this Fall’s Alpha and it is a great opportunity for anyone curious about being on the Alpha team to learn more and be equipped for this ministry. If you have an interest in being on the Alpha team this Fall, please set aside this evening. We will begin with pizza (please bring along $5.00 to cover costs) and Elaine Young from the regional Alpha office will be leading us through our Alpha training. I am looking forward to a great evening.

It is Alpha time again! Mondays, 6:30-8 pm
Starting at 6:30 on September 10 we will be embarking on another Alpha adventure at Zion Church with our introductory session. Alpha is a non-threatening way to introduce your friends and colleagues to what Christians believe. Come yourself and bring someone along with you!
We all know that helping people understand what we believe and how that impacts our life, can be stressful. Alpha can help eliminate that stress by engaging your friends in a conversation that could be life-changing.
An Alpha session begins with a simple meal, followed by a thought-provoking video that addresses important spiritual questions – the kind of questions that many people have but don’t often get the chance to discuss. After the video, there is an opportunity to participate in a small group to chat about the issues the video has raised.
Alpha begins at 6:30, wraps up at 8:00pm, each Monday evening until the end of November.
One of the intriguing aspects of Alpha this Fall is that the themes presented on Monday evening will form the basis of Sunday morning sermon topics and also Rev. Doug’s popular Wednesday night Bible studies. So, for instance, if you come to Alpha on Monday night to watch the video “How Does God Guide Us?”, you will get the opportunity to discuss that topic with others in your small group, then, on Wednesday evening, you will be able to listen to Rev. Doug delve more deeply into that same topic, and on Sunday morning, participate in a service of worship celebrating the blessings of God’s guidance that have been highlighted through the week.
This is a unique opportunity for well-focussed personal spiritual development!

This winter (2018), Zion hosted the Alpha program. It was a great experience for all involved. Here are some of the ways  participants reported  they benefited from participating in Alpha:
  • Felt more at peace
  • Strenthened my faith
  • Made new friends
  • Felt loved
  • Discovered a relationship with God through Jesus
  • Found a new purpose for life

Change your life, and the lives of your friends and family. Try Alpha in the fall of 2018 and bring someone with you. Stay tuned for more details.